Oct 102010

I just started using Visual Studio 2010 and I’m really pleased with the updates. The biggest thing I’ve noticed are:

  • ClassWizard is back. Well, it’s not the complete ClassWizard we used to have in V6, but it’s pretty darn nice.
  • New standard C++0x items have been added (Lamdas, rvalues, auto keyword, etc.
  • I like the new look and feel.
  • The ribbon editor is really nice for those of you who want to use ribbon type toolbars.
  • You can now set some search folders specific to a project like include and lib.
  • New MFC features mostly for support of Windows 7.
  • Better integration of the MFC Feature Pack classes.
  • Way better Intellisense for C++.
  • I actually like the new WPF based editor with better color hi-lighting. This new interface opens the door in the future to do a lot more that WPF enables.
  • Navigate To dialog is really nice.
  • Etc., etc. etc.

You can get the whole scoop here: What’s New In Visual C++ 2010

There are lots of improvements to C# has well including .NET 4.0.  I think it’s worth the upgrade cost just for the productivity improvements alone.

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