Oct 302009

Coming to Creswell – Part 3 (Finally Oregonian)

OK, first things first.  I need to come clean and apologize.  I heard from several people about a mistake in my previous article.

Oct 302009

After looking at what must have been a hundred different properties in the area and finally deciding on one, we thought that selling our house in California would be academic.  We’d done a lot of work on it during our 15 years in the neighborhood and we thought that anyone looking for a house in our area, in their right minds, would snap it up. 

Oct 302009

Coming to Creswell – Part 1 (Still Moving After All These Years)

OK, we’re moved in, our old house has sold, Christmas is put to bed for another year, and we’re moving ahead to our new normal life.   I finally have time to write down a bit about our journey.

Oct 292009

IMG_9935It’s been just a little over three years since we packed up and left California for Creswell.  It seems like we’ve been here a lot longer, but the calendar says otherwise.  It has been an amazing year of transition and the people of Creswell have been nothing but hospitable.